Moniker… Freight trains.


Moniker. Can’t think of a better word. I see these all the time in my travels, and they change through the years. Some come around for a long time, others I see only once. These people get around. These are the marks left by train riders, hobos, railway workers, vagrants, losers and the young and foolish. If you read up on some railroad history, you’ll find people have been doing this since railroads laid their tracks back before 1830.

These are unlike gangland or territory tags. These are more like ‘I was here’ in the Kilroy Was Here fashion popularized by American and Allied troops out of World War II. But these unassuming, non-threatening monikers represent the individual, and not a cause.

I am always on the lookout for the old and faded monikers. Some I have seen date nearly twenty years old, and are quite faded. Always interesting to see some new ones, too. I think I am seeing a few with a lot of time spent on them, which tells me they are not people that are interested in bagging a bunch of cars… too much time spent on one gets you just a few applied.

Seems like some of these people spend their life out here.


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Self-taught film photographer living in California.
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