December 11, 2016 – This is DogThirty’s website…Much work is now done, and I am starting to get the hang of this. I have a couple of Blogs posted, and am working on getting other social media linked up. Also working on alternatives for image hosting for smooth flow between different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and my website.

All of the images, artwork and writing on this site are Copyright protected and wholly owned by DogThirty.com so please ask before using any of this work. Most of the time permission is given without fee. The contact information tab is at the top, but you can email directly to heydogthirty@gmail.com

Please open this Copyright Link for more information.

This website is a place for viewing DogThirty’s photographs, artwork and blogs… mostly from California.

Much of this is from the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley. There is also interests of the greater L.A. Basin of Southern California… getting this all up on the website is a bit time-consuming, and it will come along as the film shots get digitized.

Much of it is very contemporary, and the artwork often follows the theme of the photography and blogs.

The photographs are made using various techniques. Self-taught with film and using heavy, antiquated equipment, DogtThirty tries to use the Canon FD series equipment for 35mm roll film work, the Mamiya RB-67 for 120 sized roll film and the Omega and Toyo view cameras, complimented by Speed Graphic press cameras for 4×5 sheet film work. The digital medium is represented by consumer grade equipment, including cell phone imaging. At the street level, it is often nearly impossible to be able to set up the treasured but time-consuming and heavy cameras for a shot, and so a small digital camera is used. The important thing is to get the shot.

DogThirty wants to share with you the interesting, street level views of people and places… commonplace and otherwise. The favorite time to make photographs is in the night, and hope you enjoy what you will find here in the near future.

Please feel free to contact with questions, and leave comments where it is set up to do that.

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